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Wilmax ENGLAND Fine Porcelain Tea Pot, 800 ml (White)

by, Wilmax
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Product Description

If you wish to make your tea or coffee time more pleasant, the high-quality, beautiful and elegant tableware is quite necessary. After all, the whole atmosphere depends on which tableware you use to serve your tea or coffee. Tea and coffee ware by Wilmax is all about style, beauty and harmony. Wilmax tea pots, coffee pots, mugs and all related accessories bring a comfortable and cozy feeling to each table, whether it is a tea or coffee party at home or in a gathering.

Wilmax porcelain makes every table beautiful and festive!


Translucency is a characteristic feature of Wilmax porcelain, which makes it exquisitely elegant. Hold Wilmax plate against the light and you can easily see the outline of your hand through it. Such translucency can be found only in items made from high quality porcelain.

It is also resonant, items produce a high pure sound when lightly tapped or struck, a characteristic feature of high-quality porcelain.

Despite its elegance and translucency, Wilmax tableware is very durable and withstands high temperatures, upto 300 deg C.

Low Water Absorption

Wilmax tableware has low water absorption of less than 0.1%. Therefore, tableware does not absorb odours and is easy to clean.

Impact Resistance

Wilmax porcelain has high impact resistance in compliance with UK and EU standards.

Health Safe

All Wilmax items are made from pollutant-free ecologically pure raw materials, in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements. Tableware is absolutely safe for health.

Quality Control

All items undergo mandatory quality check at every stage of production. Wilmax guarantees stable quality, items are produced under strict control using unique original technology.

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  • Great Finish, with all round Glaze
  • Dazzling Bright White and Translucent
  • Multi-functional and Durable - designed for heavy use
  • High grade Porcelain
  • 100% Pure Vegetarian Porcelain - no bone ash used in production
  • Health safe and Hygienic - conforms to UK & EU standards
  • Toughened - Impact / Chip Resistance

Product Specification

MaterialHigh-Quality Porcelain
Capacity800 ml
Weight480 g
Quantity1 Tea Pot
Product CodeWL-994017

Care Instructions

Dishwasher SafeYes
Refrigerator SafeYes
Microwave SafeYes


Width20 cm (7.87 in)
Depth15 cm (5.91 in)
Height15 cm (5.91 in)

Product SKU: 2422210679

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