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The Indian Bean Appa's Coffee, Fine Grind 250 gm

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Product Description

Delightful and uncomplicated by nature, Appa hails from the single estate farm of Coorg, where endangered Malabar Squirrels and flocks of migratory and native birds nestle comfortably. The estate is in close proximity to reserve forests, where the wild things are that love the coffee, and regularly drop by for a nibble or two of the good Indian bean! The family that owns and runs the estate are a third generation enterprise with socially responsible cultivation practices - and, of course, great coffee.

Appa doesn't talk much - but it makes sure it's heard. A little mellowness, loads of richness, and a tinge of spice make Appa the stuff of lifelong memories.

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  • Located on a traditional Arabica cultivation zone in Coorg
  • Single-origin, washed Arabica
  • Selection No. 6 Varietal, HDT Catuai
  • A little mellowness, loads of richness, and a tinge of spice
  • Shade grown gourmet coffee
  • Freshly roasted

Product Specification

Type100% Arabica Coffee, Dark Roast
GrindFine Grind
OriginKodagu, Karnataka
Ingredients100% Coffee (no Chicory)
PackagingFlavour-sealed in reusable package
Shelf Life6 months
Weight250 g


Width16 cm (6.3 in)
Height23 cm (9.06 in)

Product SKU: 1881166115

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