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Flying Squirrel Sattva Organic Arabica Coffee, Medium Grind 250 gm

Flying Squirrel Sattva Organic Arabica Coffee, Medium Grind 250 gm

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Product Description

With notes that range from banana to wild berry, these virgin beans have been untouched by chemicals, fertilizers or sprays. Coffee just the way God grows it. Flying Squirrel's organic arabica coffee is grown on a estate which has soil certification too - which means while we definitely do not use any sort of chemicals or pesticides when cultivating, the soil too does not contain any past traces or residue of harmful chemicals.

Packaging and Storage

The coffee is packed and flavour-sealed just a few hours before dispatch. The packets are made of multi-layer food-grade materials, designed to avoid heat, moisture and air contact with the coffee. To enable reuse, the pack comes with Ziplock. A common misconception about coffee is that it has to be stored in a freezer or refrigerated to keep it fresh. Please avoid this at any cost as this tends to draw in moisture as soon as the coffee is exposed to air. Trust the packs to do the job of maintaining freshness!

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  • 100% Certified Organic
  • 100% Arabica
  • Freshly roasted and packed just before dispatch
  • Great coffee to be drunk black or as an espresso

Product Specification

GrindMedium Grind
GradeGrade 'A' Coffee
OriginPollibetta, Coorg, Karnataka
FlavourSweet Berry, Floral notes
Ingredients100% Coffee
PackagingFlavour-sealed multi-layer food grade reusable pack, with zip-lock
Shipping PackProduct is shipped in secure cardboard box, to ensure safe delivery
Shelf Life9 months
Weight250 g


Width16 cm (6.3 in)
Height23 cm (9.06 in)

Product SKU: 1881153560

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