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Baarbara Berry Premium Filter Coffee Bean Powder, 250 gm

Baarbara Berry Premium Filter Coffee Bean Powder, 250 gm

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Product Description

Kissed by clouds in the misty heights of the Western Ghats is a single origin, high-grown Arabica Coffee, backed by a farming tradition that began as far back as 1896. This coffee originates at an altitude of 3850 - 5350 feet, amidst the rich biodiversity and tranquil environs of the Baba Budan hills of Chikmagalur, revered by coffee connoisseurs as the cradle of coffee cultivation in India.

Owing to its natural distinct features of being single origin coffee, the coffee has a distinct dense texture, mesmerizing aroma and flavour that is bound to refresh your senses and rejuvinate your energy every morning!

This blend of premium Grade 'A' roasted coffee beans of Baarbara Berry and the right mixture of 15% chicory, sourced from reputed and long-estabalished chicory growers, complement one another in brewing an amazing combination of refreshingly delicious-mild gourmet coffee.


Baarbara Berry Coffee, a rich mix of the famous Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, is the offering of M.G. Plantations, one of the authentic and superior coffee cultivators in India.

The coffee beans at Baarbara Berry are monitored by experts, checked for quality and consistency prior to processing and the best of coffee beans are selected. The delicate beans go through a thorough fermenting, washing, sun drying and roasting process which enhances the very essence and aroma while brewing. All these are done using hygenic and advanced processing techniques.

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  • Single-origin ground coffee
  • Estate-fresh coffee to your cup
  • Captivating aroma and taste
  • Rich in quality, Grade A coffee
  • Food grade packaging, reusable pouch

Product Specification

TypeCoffee, Medium Roast
GradeGrade 'A' Coffee
GrindSouth Indian Filter (Grounded)
OriginBaba Budan Hills, Chikmagalur, South India
Ingredients85% Coffee, 15% Chicory
PackagingFlavour-sealed reusable pouch with zip lock and one way freshness valve
Shelf Life12 months
Weight250 g


Width16 cm (6.3 in)
Height23 cm (9.06 in)

Product SKU: 1881145424

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