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Morning Dew Premium Coffee, French Press Grind 250 gm

Morning Dew Premium Coffee, French Press Grind 250 gm

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Product Description

Crafted from 100% Arabica beans, Morning Dew is light-bodied and low on acidity. Perfect for your cup of espresso, its taste lingers on your palate long after youve had your last sip. The beans, handpicked from centuries old plantations, come from the world's finst shade grown coffee sown at an altitude of 2500 - 4500 feet in Volcanic, rain drenched soil, and harvested only beetween November and January. Let your palate savour the journey.


Established by Gerson Aranha of Nilgiri Foods and Beverages, The Coffee Co. brings to you some of the world's finest shade-grown coffee from centuries old forest plantations in the misty hills of Chikmagalur. With a modest begining of 2 coffee blends and a handful of clientele, today The Coffee Co offers several exquisite blends of fine coffee to numerous choosen estabalishments and exports to several countries across the world.

In this successful journey, they have been driven by their passion to ensure freshness, quality and consitency to the final cup of coffee that you enjoy.

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  • 100% Arabica blend
  • Light and aromatic
  • From the misty hills of Chikmagalur
  • Finest shade grown coffee
  • Handpicked from centuries' old plantations
  • Sown at an altitude of 2500-4500 ft in volcanic rain-drenched soil
  • Harvested between November and January

Product Specification

TypeCoffee, Medium Roast
GrindFrench Press Grind
GradeGrade 'A' Coffee
OriginChikmagalur, Karnataka
Ingredients100% Coffee (no Chicory)
PackagingFlavour-sealed in food grade pack, with one way freshness valve
Shelf Life6 months (Freshly packed product shipped)
Weight250 g


Width8 cm (3.15 in)
Depth5 cm (1.97 in)
Height26 cm (10.24 in)

Product SKU: 1881145369

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