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Sidapur Pure Filter Coffee, 500 gm

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Product Description

For that perfect cup of South Indian Filter Coffee! Shade-grown under giant Rose Wood, Wild Fig and Jack Fruit trees, these ripe berries are hand picked and meticulously processed to highlight the flavorful intrinsic notes latent in each bean. Sidapur Pure Filter Coffee (500g pack) is a delectable heirloom from the House of Ramapuram, that unfolds a brew of strength, flavour and fine taste with a lingering finish of caramel notes. Sidapur - Pure Filter Coffee - a Premium Coffee Powder with no added Chicory, comes to you in 500g airtight packs with an aroma-fin freshness valve. This German engineered valve allows the natural gases of freshly roasted coffee to escape, while retaining its aromatic flavours. The valve also prevents destructive oxygen and moisture from entering the pack.

Brand Information

For close to 100 years, the Sidapur - based Ramapuram family has seen three generations of coffee planters. The expertise and passion born of this heritage and the unique location of their plantations make Sidapur - coffee, a truly enjoyable experience.

Sidapur village in Coorg stands at 2800 ft above sea level, on the banks of the life-giving river Cauvery. This area is renowned for its "Monsoon-fed coffee", shadegrown under gaint Rose Wood, Wild Fig and Jack Fruit trees.

While nurturing and instilling the coffee beans with exotic flavours and aromas, these fruits-laden trees are a unique eco-system by themselves. They are also home to thousands of birds and animals including the Great India Pied Hornbill and the Giant Malabar Squirrel.

Meticulously processed to highlight the flavourful intrinsic notes latent in each coffee bean, Sidapur unfolds a brew of strength, flavour and fine taste with a lingering finish of caramel notes.

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  • Natural product
  • Pure Filter Coffee
  • 100% Coffee Powder, no added Chicory

Product Specification

TypeCoffee, Medium to Dark Roast
GrindFine Grind
GradeGrade 'A' Coffee
OriginCoorg, Karnataka
FlavourRobust body, fine finish and taste with a lingering finish of caramel notes
Ingredients100% Coffee (no Chicory)
PackagingAroma-sealed in food-grade pack
Shelf Life6 months
Weight500 g


Width11.5 cm (4.53 in)
Depth8 cm (3.15 in)
Height25 cm (9.84 in)

Product SKU: 1881145349

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