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Glenburn Darjeeling Moonshine Tea, Loose Leaf 113 gm

Glenburn Darjeeling Moonshine Tea, Loose Leaf 113 gm

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Product Description

Drawing from the mist that rises off the River Rungeet in the month of April, this light White tea is made from only the most tender shoots plucked from fields in Glenburn that grow our prized clonal bushes. The leaves remain intact even as they are infused for the brew. This specialty tea is made in very small batches using only our most experienced tea pickers. It is manufactured with extreme care in a process similar to a White Tea that preserves all its health giving properties.

Tasting Notes

The cup is a clear bright lemon in colour, light and subtle on the palate with floral and citrus undertones.

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  • Most tender shoots from Glenburn's famous clonal bushes
  • Highest antioxidants content compared to other kinds of tea
  • Best consumed without milk
  • Excellent all-day Tea

Product Specification

TypeWhite Tea
PackagingTea flavour-sealed in reusable black pouches with zip lock
Brewing Instructions3 g in 200 ml of water at 85°C for 4-5 mins
Weight113 g

Product SKU: 1880134994

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