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JayShree Assam Mangalam Orthodox Black Tea, Whole Leaf 100 gm

JayShree Assam Mangalam Orthodox Black Tea, Whole Leaf 100 gm

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Product Description

Enjoy one of the most premium teas, renowned for its liquor worldwide. This tea is as much about the experience as it is about the flavours.

The Garden Series pays homage to the estates and people who help craft the tea to the perfection that Jay Shree symbolises. Set in black overtones with dashes of vibrant hues of red, green, orange and violet, each package tells the story of simple hill folks who toil away in plucking tea leaves (two leaves and a bud) and then create aromatic brews from them.

Brand Information

Jayshree Tea, a division of B K Birla Group, are the creators of an exquisite array of amber elixir. Being the second largest tea producer in India, including the historical Puttabong - the first tea garden in India, Jayshree's expansive gardens produce some of the finest beverage in the world.

Jay Shree Tea makes sure that you don't lose out on any tiny fragrant of the whole tea drinking experience. By cutting out the middlemen, Jay Shree Tea reaches your doorstep right after harvest and processing, fresh and straight from the garden.

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  • Garden-fresh
  • From Mangalam tea estate, famous for it's unique tea bushes
  • Premium Assam tea, certified by tea testers
  • Jay Shree Tea: Second largest tea producer in India

Product Specification

TypeBlack Tea
OriginMangalam tea garden, Assam
PackagingCardboard box
Weight100 g


Width7.5 cm (2.95 in)
Depth7.5 cm (2.95 in)
Height16 cm (6.3 in)

Product SKU: 1880131106

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