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Happy Valley Organic Darjeeling Tea - Assorted Gift Pack (20 Pyramid tea bags)

Happy Valley Organic Darjeeling Tea - Assorted Gift Pack (20 Pyramid tea bags)

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Product Description

This pack contains four different varieties of Organic Darjeeling Tea leaves, produced at Happy Valley tea Estate:
1. Organic Darjeeling Black tea - A mature, well rounded tea with a distinct bouquet flavor. The finest leaf is handpicked by experienced workers and carefully crafted to enhance the legendary flavor of Darjeeling tea.
2. Organic Darjeeling Green Tea - An elegant tea with the freshness of nature in a light, bright cup with a smooth sweet flavor. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that have well known health benefits.
3. Organic Darjeeling Earl Grey tea - The well rounded Darjeeling Black tea with tangy orange peels and natural Bergamot flavor offers an enlivening cup with a distinct citrus flavor.
4. Organic Darjeeling Rose Tea - Organic Black tea grown at Happy Valley Tea Estate is combined with delicate rose petals to create a fragrant tea that lingers on the palate and in memory.

Pyramid Tea bags are creatively designed to carry pre measured whole leaf teas. The leaves are allowed to fully unfurl and reveal the pure quality and the inherent flavor of the tea.

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  • Organic Tea, 100% natural product
  • Tea leaves plucked from very old tea bushes
  • Garden fresh from Darjeeling, world's finest tea growing region
  • Certified Organic by IMO and Bio Dynamic of Demeter, Germany
  • Manufactured as per international food safety standards
  • Great gifting option

Product Specification

TypeAssorted Black, Green & Flavoured Teas
Packaging, InnerPyramid Tea bags packed & sealed in individual poly linner to protect quality an aroma
Packaging, OuterAttractive multi-compartment paper board pack for Gifting or guest tea serving
Weight40 g
Quantity1 item


Width36.5 cm (14.37 in)
Depth12 cm (4.72 in)
Height4.5 cm (1.77 in)

Product SKU: 1880123780

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