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The Indian Chai - Cooling Pitta Dosha Ayurvedic Green Tea, 100 gm

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Product Description

Pitta represents the fire principle in the body. Everything that enters the body must be digested and assimilated, from sensory perception to food for nourishment. In addition to the gastric fire, pitta also includes the enzymes and amino acids that play a major role in metabolism, and even the neurotransmitters and neuropeptides involved in thinking.

Some of the responsibilities of pitta are to regulate the body heat through the chemical transformation of food and to give a person appetite, vitality, and the capacity to learn and understand. A delicious combination of fragrant rose petals and refreshing spices, pitta dosha tea is the perfect answer when you're feeling intense or frustrated. Drink warm or cool, it helps cool down your mind, body and emotions.

Licorice contributes the sweet taste, useful for pacifying pitta. Amla this vitamin C rich and antioxidant packed fruit is a powerhouse for pitta types, who are the most prone to oxidative stress because fire is a primary pitta element.

Cardamom is considered an excellent digestive, especially beneficial for bloating and intestinal gas. Ginger is a zesty spice useful in aiding digestion, promoting appetite and helping with occasional stomach discomfort.

In ayurveda, Cinnamon is used to balance the digestion and can also help with occasional stomach discomfort. Brahmi has both calming and energizing effects. Its compounds may improve memory and other cognitive functions, so type A pittas can feel like they fitting in some self improvement while they calm down.

Another anti oxidant rich tea, the polyphenols in roses help the body repair cellular damage, a result of pitta's fast paced, often high stress life. Because rose is also a mild laxative and bolsters the immune system, this tea is a good choice for pitta vata types.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing system. Its philosophy centres around the belief that the mind and body is one unit and illness stems from an imbalance of the three energies of the body: emotional, spiritual and mental health. These three powers are better known as the doshas, when translated from Sanskrit, ayurveda means, the science of life.

All of our teas are 100% natural, free of preservatives, flavorings and other artificial products. Keeping its organoleptic characteristics smell, color and flavor as well as the different health benefits of the bioactive components of these delectable blends.


The Indian Chai curates the finest teas of India and crafts them into unique blends with all the natural ingredients. We value the increasing awareness about the Ayurveda in the consumers today. So we bring to you a product that is a perfect combination of the world's most favorite drink tea and the Indian herbs with great healing aids.

Our teas are sourced and processed in the most organic and natural way. They are whole leaf, flavorful and healthy. We aim to contribute to the fastest growing renaissance of tea and create awareness about this unique combination.

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  • Excellent digestive, promote appetite
  • Calming and energizing
  • Controls stress, increases immunity
  • Natural Ingredients, no added flavours

Product Specification

TypeFlavoured Green Tea
OriginBlended, India
FlavourNatural flavouring
IngredientsCardamom, Licorice, Ginger, Cinnamon, Fennel, Star Anise, Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Amalaki (Amla), Spearmint, Stevia Leaves, Green Tea, Rose Petals
PackagingTea flavour-sealed in Nitrogen filled vacuum packs, for freshness
Shelf Life24 Months
Weight100 g


Width15 cm (5.91 in)
Depth9 cm (3.54 in)
Height6.5 cm (2.56 in)

Product SKU: 1880109897

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