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Tulir Citrus Cinnamon Green Tea, Loose Leaf 50 gm

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Product Description

Tulir Citrus Cinnamon tea is a skilful blend of finest green tea with sweet oranges and hints of cinnamon. The goodness of green tea combined with oranges and the warming spice is perfect for soothe and relax. The antioxidants of orange peels add to the antioxidants of tea and makes it more available for the body to absorb. Along with strengthening the immune system, it reduces the risk of cardio vascular disease, prevents cold and flu and warms up the body during winter. Expect citrusy bursts of flavour in every sip.

Tasting Notes

Strong and Citrussy

Tulir Brand Story

Tulir offers a range of naturally flavoured tea, in both Black and Green tea base. We use only the finest tea of leaf grade for our product range. The flavouring substances used are all naturally available ingredients, such as rose petals, marigold petals, lemon grass, cinnamon, lemon peels, orange peels etc. Our teas do not contain any artificial flavouring agents or added sugar.

A cup of Tulir tea not only provides you the benefits of antioxidants naturally found in black and green tea, but also the added health benefits of the natural flavouring ingredients blended with the tea leaves.

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  • Leaf Grade tea
  • Blended with Orange peels and Cinnamon
  • Orange peels and cinnamon are good immune boosters
  • Prevents cold and flu
  • Helps keep body warm during winter
  • Refreshing aroma
  • No artificial flavours

Product Specification

TypeFlavoured Green Tea
OriginBlended, India
FlavourNatural flavouring
IngredientsGreen Tea, Orange Peels, Cinnamon
PackagingReusable stand up zip pouch
Shelf Life18 months
Weight50 g


Width11 cm (4.33 in)
Height17 cm (6.69 in)

Product SKU: 1880107016

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