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Octavius Assam Silver Needle White Tea, Loose Whole Leaf 50 gm Premium Caddy

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Product Description

This natural and healthy green leafed clear brew leaves a lingering sweetness to your palate.

Octavius Tea Brand Story

Octavius Tea, a brand with almost more than century of legacy and heritage and unfailing commitment to taste and quality. Octavius Tea exerts complete command over the tea plantations and its produce, with the objective of delivering the hallmark of Octavius Tea.

Tea is indeed a royal beverage and is often said to be the honey brew of the hill slopes. Octavius brings premium teas from different harvesting seasons, also called flush teas in gourmet tea terminology.

Each tea is made from choicest selection of leaves, plucked with precision and packed within days from harvest. Only the choicest leaves, selected after stringent screening and careful supervision, go into making an exclusive pack of Octavius tea.

When you open a pack of Octavius Tea, the aroma of freshness will immediately transport you back to our serene sun kissed tea gardens, surrounded by beautiful hills. Every sip of Octavius Tea will leave behind a taste that is unparalleled in flavour, strength & quality. Sip the Octavian flavour and adore its reverie.

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  • Premium loose whole leaf tea
  • Antioxidents in white tea burn fat
  • Silver needle, minimally processed
  • Ice cubes may be added to chill

Product Specification

TypeWhite Tea
IngredientsWhite Tea
PackagingCaddy, Tea sealed in food-grade pack
Shelf Life24 months
Weight50 g


Width9 cm (3.54 in)
Depth9 cm (3.54 in)
Height9 cm (3.54 in)

Product SKU: 1880104967

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