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Doke Silver Needle Organic White Tea, Loose Whole Leaf 50 gm

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Product Description

The Doke Silver Needle is a bud (tip) only, sun-dried white tea along the lines of the Baihao Yinzhen available from China. However, even though the appearance and processing style is quiet similar, the tastes are poles apart and this is unlike any other white tea you will find in India. This tea is being exported worldwide since 2014, with overwhelming customer response.

Brewing Tips

Water temperature: 80 deg C. Tea per cup: 1 tea spoon. Steep time: 4-5 mins.

Tasting Notes

Large, downy needles produce a sweet and creamy, full-bodied golden liquor with notes of peach blossom and dried apricot.

Lochan Tea Brand information

Lochan Tea Limited was started as a professionally managed but family run tea sourcing business in 1998 with Mr. Rajiv Lochan as it's Chairman who has been in the tea industry since 1974. Presently Lochan Tea exports close to 3 million kilos of tea to Russia, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, US and Canada.

Cultivation and processing of Organically grown teas is always on our mind at our tea estate in Bihar - Doke. Our mission at Lochan Tea Limited is to bring you teas that are unique in flavor and quality. Something that causes you to pause a moment to wonder and marvel at the delicious, comfortable experience it gives you.

Our business model is one that demands we stay close to our customers and that we collaborate and support each other. We are committed to working steadily to perfect our products so that you can comfortably look forward to each and every new product we share with you.

Having competed in a few tea shows around the world already, we have amassed a few awards with a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards being one of the most prominent wins. This, we hope, is only the beginning and we have a long road ahead of us with more acceptance and recognition.

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  • Organic, Premium Whole leaf White Tea
  • Hand-plucked, hand-rolled and pan-dried for the best quality
  • Highest plucking standards - only bud
  • Export quality tea
  • 3 infusions possible from the same leaf

Product Specification

TypeWhite Tea
OriginDoke Tea Estate, Bihar
Ingredients100% Natural Hand-made Tea
PackagingTea flavor-sealed in reusable aluminium stand-up pouch, with zip-lock
Weight50 g

Product SKU: 1880098417

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