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Danta Herbs La Source - Regional Tea Gift Box, 110 gm

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Product Description

La Source means origin. This is a selection of Danta Herb's Single Estate Speciality teas that give you the 'pluck to cup' experience. This edition will give you a peek in the vast varieties of teas directly from tea-growing regions that await you. This is truly an experience of origins of tea.


1. Giddapahar Wiry Clonal Darjeeling Summer Black Tea, 30 gm: Floral and fruity fragrance make for a heady combination, and it is these fragrances that this beautiful, mildly sweet scented tea is trying to evoke. Grown in the hills of Darjeeling, this complex flavorful, second flush tea is layered with several notes of different fruits and spices with a unique complexity.

2. Craigmore Classic Nilgiris Winter Frost Black Tea, 20 gm: This Nilgiris brew is evenly graded with elegant leaves. The flavor is dominated by astringency with fruity hints and aftertaste. It is a woody aromatic experience that is although mild in appearance, is surprisingly a bold one.

3. Wah Special Kangra Spring Black Tea, 30 gm: A Himalayan Gem. This classic Kangra Spring black tea is robust with a slight body, with an overall woody aroma and brisk aftertaste accompanied with nutty and astringent flavours.

4. Halmari Special Assam Summer Black Tea, 30 gm: This tea is a classic Assam, featuring tippy leaves with golden tips. It is medium bodied with a malty flavour that is accompanied with an aroma that is pronounced with notes of rose and nuts. The ends with a distinctly assam aftertaste.


Danta means Calm, in Sanskrit. It would be apt to therefore substantiate Danta Herbs' vision with this calmness that we aim to deliver to our customers by providing only authentic, pure and fresh teas.

Danta Herbs' philosophy is based on creating Pluck to Cup experience for the customers. We do so by ensuring that we deliver tea directly from the tea gardens in the shortest time period ensuring premium quality tea, delivered at doorstep - fresh from garden.

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  • 100% Natural ingredients, no artificial flavoring
  • Special selection of popular Teas
  • Great gifting option for any occasion
  • Complements with tea cakes, toasted bread and butter
  • Fresh and Highest quality tea leaves
  • Best enjoyed as a light brew, without milk
  • Caffeine: Medium

Product Specification

TypeBlack Tea
OriginDarjeeling, Nilgiris, Kangra, Assam
IngredientsBlack Tea
Packaging, InnerFood grade aluminum screw lid containers with clear window
Packaging, OuterPaper board box
Shelf Life18 months
Weight110 g


Width16.4 cm (6.46 in)
Depth16.4 cm (6.46 in)
Height5 cm (1.97 in)

Product SKU: 1880097412

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