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Nargis Assam Classic High Grown CTC BOP Organic Black Tea, Loose Leaf 500 gm

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Product Description

Nargis teas are handpicked from tea gardens, and strive to enhance the quality of life with the world's favorite drink. A barnd of Limtex, the secrets are locked in the foothills of Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri Hills. 'Nargis' means a beautiful, rare flower, which possesses an impeccable fragrance and aroma. Similarly, the brand's distinctive flavor and taste stand for the best of Indian tea. It's exclusive quality has earned it recognition as the highest quality of Indian tea by Tea Board of India and the use of the prestigious World's Gold Standard Logo. Tea leaves are carefully selected, plucked and processed by experienced hands that know how to stir a perfect cup of tea.

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  • Natural Ingredients, no added flavours
  • Classic high-grown Assam Organic CTC BOP, Export Quality tea
  • 100% Pure and seasons harvest
  • Assam CTC BOP
  • Soothing tea, supports rest and relaxation

Product Specification


Black Tea




Natural, no flavour additives


Organic CTC tea


Double air sealed zipper pouches

Shelf Life

24 months


500 g

Product SKU: 1880121876

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